Introduction (English)

Hello, my name is Haan.

Am originally from Malaysia (Sekinchan), now living in Australia (Sydney).

My educations were completed in:

  • Yoke Kuan Primary & High Schools, Sekinchan, Malaysia
  • Han Chiang College, Penang, Malaysia
  • The University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • JAIMS, Hawaii, United States

Prior to starting my odyssey, I was a Project Manager in the Telecommunications industry. My professional experiences span across Australia and Malaysia. Nowadays, I’m still doing a similar job. I can’t really share any fabulous achievements, but just live my life in the way I wish. Am not rich financially, but spiritually 🙂 By having a selective hearing, I’m able to ignore the unnecessary noise and choose the road belonging to myself. Am never an obedient one, but would never do something seriously wrong.

Traveling the world used to be my biggest dream, and it was achieved in 2012-2015. Now, my targets are:

  1. to publish a book about my odyssey, to inspire those who are eager to pursue their dreams.
  2. joined Kiva, and would like to help as many people as possible around the world.
  3. learning more Spanish, because I will be back to the South America again to continue my “broken journey”.

The key takeaways from my long-term travel include:

  • the experience, learning, and realization have become my invaluable lifetime treasures. I know myself much better now.
  • have a stronger belief that everything could be resolved and overcome.
  • believe that everything is possible, and respect all choices.
  • feel truly grateful with what I have, and living a minimalist lifestyle.
  • friendships around the world, unforgettable kindness, and smiles.
  • married my CouchSurfing host from Bulgaria. With his support and guidance, I manage to achieve a lot for my “upcoming” first book.

The decision to embark on the journey will never be regretted. I appreciate the trust and tolerance from my family. Though they were “forced to accept” all my decisions,  they were ready to welcome me home through thick and thin, providing me with unconditional love and care, at all times.